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  1. Dean

    It stops the hair fall but still waiting for hair regrowth.

  2. Danielle

    It’s actually works but takes time; will not transform you into Aquaman’s long hair yet but it grows hair on my head.

  3. Victor

    I think everyone’s results will be mixed but the product does work as advertised.

  4. Nithin

    Easy to swallow and taste is not bad at all. Have seen minor changes so far after 3 weeks, I will continue taking it.

  5. Jeremy

    I bought the three-month supply and it’s worth it.

  6. Elvis

    I’ve seen no new hair growth, possibly it reduced hair loss and made my hair grow faster or maybe I need to continue another 3 months to complete 6 months treatment.

  7. Enzo

    Amazing one!!!

  8. Henson

    I have noticed that my hair overall feels thicker, fuller and softer. When I blow it out, I can see a difference in fullness..

  9. Yates

    The ingredients are great, and the quality seems to be totally amazing. Hopefully it works based on it, as i am on my 3rd weeks now!!! Hoping…

  10. Raffy

    I do wish the product was cheaper, more people would be able to
    Try it; hair loss is a terrible thing to have to contend; I’m hopeful!!

  11. Aaron

    I have finally noticed a real change in my hair. There is new growth popping up on the crown and part of my head and along my temples where my hair had hollowed out.

  12. Mansoor

    I have definitely seen a difference in the volume. I use my wet hair as a judge, and the part down the middle is significantly fuller.

  13. Leo

    I have seen some growth along the hairline which had begun to thin as well at the crown of my head. This product works and I have recommended it to others.

  14. Cooper

    I am so glad that my doctor recommended this supplement and he is right, KeraHealth save my hair!!!

  15. Jameson

    This supplement has an excellent formula for hair loss and regrow hair but if your follicles were dead sorry it will not help to regrow!

  16. Xaviar

    Please, don’t ever change the formula! Keep up the great work!

  17. Dylan

    The vitamins worked really well and I saw results!

  18. Zachary

    I am about halfway through my first bottle of this product, and I’ve noticed less hair full.

  19. Reuben

    Thanks to you KeraHealth! You save my hair!

  20. Gideon

    KeraHealth totally transformed my hair.

  21. Mariella

    My husband shared some positive words about his Kerahealth journey. His hair loss is changing a bit and he still has another bottle to complete his 3 months treatment

  22. Nicholas

    My hair is healthier now!

  23. Dominic

    My hair loss has reduced.

  24. Jez

    I will definitely use this product again.

  25. Connor

    Me and my wife has been using it for about 4 weeks now and we’ve both noticed our hair has a bit more body and a lot more shine.

  26. Landon

    My hair growing faster!

  27. Ed

    I’ll be honest I was a little sceptical but I am SOLD FOREVER!
    My hair is already growing back!!

  28. Simon

    At first month i haven’t seen any good results but then i tried to take it another 2 months and so far I am happy with the result!

  29. Tucker

    Seeing new hair growth after a few months of taking it!

  30. Elijah

    It works but not affordable for me.

  31. Dexter

    Once you hit 40 you have to make sure to keep your hair on your head! So happy i got this amazing Supplement!

  32. Ian

    My hair seems too be in better condition, but I haven’t seen any hair growth yet.

  33. Gordon

    Improved my hair and helped it grow nicely and faster.

  34. Hugh

    I love KeraHealth but I have to take a break after a year taking it due to some personal issues.

  35. Diego

    The most reliable hair loss supplement i ever tried!

  36. Kevin

    Hey! Buddy don’t miss the opportunity! Highly recommended.

  37. Fabian

    This product has totally transformed my hair.

  38. Tony

    100%, Yes for this supplement!

  39. drew


  40. Luke

    I am done my first month, yes this supplement do works but I am just disappointed for the shipment going to NZ, which I waited for almost 15 days… I think on this side they need to improve it!!!!

  41. Arthur

    I have tried lots of hair loss supplement and all zero results. I am so happy I tried KeraHealth. I feel the progress every day. I definitely recommend this to all who wish to have a great result!!!

  42. Austin

    I believe I saw some hair growth, and my hair was overall in better condition than before.

  43. Lucas

    Great hair needs a great supplement – KeraHealth!

  44. Finn

    I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my hair growth and volume.

  45. Isaac

    I’m still experiencing hair loss but lesser than before. 3 stars for now.
    Hope will be zero hair loss soon

  46. Jackson

    Reduced hair loss within a month and now i’m even starting to see more volume!

  47. Benjamin

    The best hair supplement, i ever tried!

  48. Jaden

    If you want a product that’s really works, I highly recommend KeraHealth Men!!!

  49. Lucas

    My hair looks fine, even in the front but I am hoping it help regrow more on the thinning areas if I continue taking it for another months.

  50. Jessie

    Great product!!!

  51. Roger

    It works so well. I need to order more!

  52. Diego

    I will keep taking it cause i have seen some results and wanna see the final results.

  53. Nathaniel

    My hair getting better!

  54. Allen

    It is actually working although I still shed but less.

  55. Carl

    I am extremely happy with the result!!!

  56. Migz

    I’m about 3/4 done with bottle and as of now I don’t see less hair loss but I’m beginning to see very tiny baby hairs coming in, so I’ll continue taking it for the best results

  57. Gayle

    Less hair loss for more than a month and hoping it will helps hair growth if I continue taking it for another few months.

  58. Levi

    It’s really works! Just be consistent on taking it…

  59. Arthur

    I truly recommend this hair vitamins!!!

  60. Ron

    I am not shedding hair like I use to.

  61. Frank

    I am so grateful I found these! Stronger, healthier, and overall just in better conditioned!

  62. Bob

    Great if you want thicker & shinier hair!!!

  63. Sam

    Amazing product!!!

  64. Bruce

    Haven’t been using long enough for a fair evaluation. My issue is not “ shedding” it is thinning hair. I am at my 2nd month of taking it, still too early to tell if new hair growth is occurring.

  65. Jade

    I do think I am growing new hair but so far I am pleased with my results!

  66. Christian

    So lucky I tried this product!!!

  67. Matt

    It did helps hair growth and hair loss problem, but I have some health issues which my doctor not allowing me to take any other supplements while waiting for my test results!!!

  68. Dave

    Notice some new hair growth and less hair fall!!!

  69. Rick

    I am not shedding hair like I used to. I do think I am growing new hair, but so far I am pleased with the results.

  70. Gab

    Excellent hair loss supplement!

  71. Marvin

    on my 3rd weeks now seeing some good results but hoping it will totally stop my hair shedding.

  72. Greg

    Try it and you will never regret!

  73. Jose

    I am very happy and excited about the results! In 3 weeks of continuous use I felt a considerable decrease in hair loss.

  74. Stephen

    My hair has grown in strength and many areas filled in where were thin or a bit bald

  75. Will

    It’s crazy I first thought this wasn’t gonna work but I just finished my first month and I had a big decrease in hair loss and I just started my second today!

  76. Allan

    The long wait is over!!! for this great supplement!

  77. Philip

    Highly recommended!

  78. Greg

    Product is great but i am disappointed that my last month supply was delayed due to holidays!!!

  79. Brad

    Thumbs up for this amazing product!

  80. Eric

    Once you hit 40 you must make sure to keep your hair on your head! So happy I tried this amazing Supplement. It reduces hair loss and does all the good work for my hair.

  81. Tom

    I am almost completing my 2nd month now and already seeing new hair growth on my bald spots. Hoping for a thick hair on my 3rd month.

  82. Collin

    Almost completing the first bottle and hair feels thicker and better.

  83. Liam

    KeraHealth is totally worth the money, if your wanting healthier hair!

  84. EZ

    It did works for hair growth and reduces my hair loss but unfortunately the Biotin did not agree with my complexion. Give it a try. You may not have problem I had.

  85. Taylor

    After 3 months, shedding has finally stopped. My advice is not to mix with other supplements.

  86. Caleb

    The product actually worth’s the price

  87. Peter

    Very happy with the product!

  88. John

    Expect the unexpected!!! it’s a HUGE WOW

  89. Clark

    It takes a couple of weeks to see the effects, hopes it really helps. Hard to tell..

  90. Dawn

    Bought this for my husband, it helps reduce his hair loss but he is still on some medications and can’t take lots of capsules every day.

  91. Ethan

    I has been taking it for almost 3 weeks now, I see a less difference with my hair loss!!!

  92. Bryn

    Great product!!!!

  93. Mark

    works as expected!

  94. Kent

    Good product but not shipping orders on weekend!

KeraHealth Hair Supplements for men

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KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - SIN ESTERATOS


KeraHealth Hair Hombre

La potente miscela di beta-sitosteroli nella formula KeraHealth® combatte i radicali liberi dallo La poderosa mezcla de beta-sitosteroles en la fórmula KeraHealth® combate los radicales libres del estrés ambiental. * Los beta-sitosteroles también apoyan una próstata saludable y reducen la formación de DHT, una hormona asociada con la pérdida de cabello en los hombres. *

Antioxidantes Clave

Nuestra fórmula incluye una combinación de Beta-Sitosteroles y un extracto de semilla de uva de alta calidad, otro poderoso antioxidante. Esto proporciona al cuerpo la defensa necesaria para combatir la caída del cabello por el estrés ambiental. *

Una adición equilibrada de vitaminas y minerales ayuda a optimizar la bioactividad de los ingredientes dietéticos de nuestra fórmula. * Esto nutre el cabello para reducir la pérdida de cabello, estimular el crecimiento y rejuvenecer las fibras, todo lo que resulta en un cabello más saludable. *


  • Reducir la caída del cabello
  • Aumenta el Brillo
  • Pelo más fuerte


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18 Aminoácidos Esenciales

3 Ingredientes Patentados

7 Vitaminas y minerales


KerCysteine proporciona al cuerpo todos los 18 aminoácidos necesarios para retener y estimular el crecimiento de los folículos capilares al tiempo que mejora la fuerza y el brillo del cabello. El 100% de los participantes vio un aumento en Anagen (etapa de crecimiento del cabello) después de 3 meses. El 92% de los participantes experimentaron menos pérdida de cabello solo después de 1 mes. El 96% de los participantes observaron una mejora en el brillo del cabello después de 3 meses.


Nuestro suplemento está diseñado para estimular el crecimiento y reducir la pérdida de cabello. Fomenta la producción natural de queratina en tu cuerpo y mejora el brillo y la fuerza del pelo.

No, KeraHeath no contiene gluten ni lactosa. Si es alérgico o intolerante al gluten o la lactosa, puede tomar KeraHealth.

Si. A diferencia de otros suplementos a base de queratina, estos ingredientes no se obtienen de mariscos o pescados, sino de fibra de lana de oveja de Nueva Zelanda.

No. NO contiene soja, huevos, lácteos, gluten, leche, panchitos, mariscos, nueces, trigo, levadura, sabores artificiales ni colorantes artificiales. Si tiene alergias graves, lea cuidadosamente la lista de ingredientes y consulte a su médico. Suspenda su uso si experimenta algún efecto adverso.

No. KeraHealth no contiene organismos genéticamente modificados.

Si. KeraHealth es natural y 100% libre de químicos. Sin embargo, consulte a su médico si tiene alguna condición especial o si ya está tomando medicamentos recetados.

No. KeraHealth no contiene organismos genéticamente modificados.

No. Puede dejar de tomar KeraHealth en cualquier momento, no experimentará ningún efecto secundario.

Fay, the Co-Founder of KeraHeath

Sobre KeraHealth

Todos los productos que formulamos están libres de drogas, transgénicos, grasas trans, lactosa, gluten, lácteos, estearatos y siempre están libres de crueldad, elaborados con ingredientes franceses.

KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - SIN ESTERATOSKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - SIN QUIMICOSKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - FRENCH INGREDIENTS