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117 reseñas para Suscripción mensual de KeraHealth Women

  1. Lily

    Great for hair growth!!

  2. Mitch

    At my first month I am disappointed as no changes on my hair shedding. For a fair judgement, I bought again and at that time I purchased 3 month’s supply and I am so thankful that I never give up after a full 3 months and taking it regularly my hair shedding totally stop. My hair is shinny and looks healthy now and have some new hair growth as well!!

  3. Pauline

    Product appears to do what it said…

  4. Kaitleen

    I’ve been on these for about 4 months now. I went on them as I was concerned that my hair was falling more than normal. After the first month, I noticed a difference. Also, my hair does seem stronger. For someone with very fine hair, that is a plus! I would recommend to at least give them a try!

  5. Amber

    Capsules easy to swallow and results are great!!!

  6. Patricia

    Since taking these, my hair has taken on new life. Strong and healthy.

  7. Barbara

    I only been using this product for one month and already I see some improvements.

  8. Gigi

    I only been using this product for one month and already I see some improvements.

  9. Denise

    I am on my fourth month and perhaps there’s a tiny bit of new hair. The cost is really too high but I will try it for 6 months and finish this review.

  10. Stacy

    After having 3 children my hair was thinning and falling out then I decided to try KeraHealth and my hair is thicker and longer and not falling out anymore!!! Best vitamin EVER!!!

  11. Ash

    You’ll start get results in the first 30 days!!!

  12. Lovelyn

    I am seeing new hair growth on my thinning areas. I’ve seen so much less hair in the shower drain as well! My hair overall feels stronger.

  13. Jodi

    It works but custom charges for an international shipment a bit annoying.. how wish this one will be available in any supermarket or pharmacies worldwide so customs free



  15. Divine

    Expensive but works well! I used it for 2months.

  16. LeaAnne

    This is really good product, it helped stop loosing hair.

  17. Claire

    I am using this supplement for a long time. It’s really gives result. I feel thickness at the base of my head. It’s really works but it takes time.

  18. Katerina

    Just started taking these. Too early to see a difference yet, but so far so good!

  19. Dina

    I’ve taken it consistently for a month and a half. I can tell you that I see more volume, dramatically less shedding and hair loss. I don’t notice growth as much, but I will keep taking to see how it affects me.

  20. Ada

    I’ve only used it for a short time, but I do see less breakage which is great. I’ll continue to use this and hoping the density of my hair part increases which is my ultimate hope.

  21. Tanya

    Not sure if this works or doesn’t work… my hair seems to be coming back. I have been taken this over 5 months, I notices a significant changes will probably give more time until 6 months for a max results.

  22. Regina

    Like most hair loss supplements and solutions, KeraHealth is not a miracle worker. And it takes time to work. I have seen multiple dermatologists over the years about my hair loss trying to find something that would stop my hair fall. All of them told me it takes six months to a year to know if a supplement or treatment is really working for you because we are talking about hair and we need to be patient. If you lost hope with all other supplements. I highly recommend giving this a try but be prepared to make at least a 6 to 12 months commitment and be consistent on taking it. Happy to say I am finally seeing results.

  23. Jill

    Like any product, it will work for some people and not work for others. For me it’s been fantastic!!!

  24. Naomi

    I have been using this product for the past three months and during that period there has been a substantial reduction in shedding but it’s quite out of my budget now…

  25. Alice

    I saw less hair falling out and more growth on my thinning areas.

  26. Cora

    It’s really works but please offer more discount so lots of women with thin hair can afford this!

  27. Charlotte

    Due to autoimmune issues, my hair had been shedding excessively. Within two months of taking this product, the excessive shedding has stopped. I’ve tried MANY other hair supplements…..this actually works.

  28. Layna

    I’m loving this stuff it’s helped a lot!

  29. Grace

    At 6 weeks – not much difference for my hair yet but certainly see an improvement in the condition of my nails

  30. Tamara

    I have been experiencing hair breakage easily but after I had been taking this supplement my hair gets stronger and no breakage at all. I am on my 3rd bottle now. NO reason to stop…

  31. Rebecca

    I will continue to take this product, so far I am happy with the result.

  32. Phoebe

    My hair looking brighter and feeling softer. My nails are different too especially at the base!!!

  33. Mariz

    I will continue to take my last bottle, that will take me to month three, so far I like the texture of my new roots, seems fuller.

  34. Tammy

    KeraHealth slowed my hair loss and restoring my hair

  35. Piper

    I noticed way less hair came out when I washed my hair, at my first month taking it,

  36. Vaiva

    I am truly surprised to see the difference!!!

  37. Ava

    I will continue to try this product for a few more months to see if I see any significant hair growth. I’m hoping so. There have been no unpleasant side effects for me in taking these vitamins.

  38. Becky

    I am a big fan of this product!!!

  39. Lisa

    The length of my hair is crazy long. Take these with food and don’t mix with other supplements or vitamins. Take other supplements a few hours later.

  40. Mimi

    Take 2 capsules a day with a meal and have stronger and healthier hair !

  41. Romina

    I have seen less falling hair after a month of taking it. Hoping it will totally stop falling hair after 3 months.

  42. Janine

    If you wish a hair loss product that really works, KeraHealth is the answer ladies!!!

  43. Mia

    I love this product!!!

  44. Barbara Van Haelen

    J’adoooore Il m a fallu un peu de temps ( 4 bon mois) mais depuis je suis ravi de m’être laissée tenter.
    Je me réjouis à l’avance de l’évolution d’ici quelques semaines.

  45. Charice

    My hair is getting thicker and less falling hair!

  46. Hailey

    I can’t tell but I feel like I have either a ton of broken hair and my scalp or possibly new hair growth but because this item does not cause any side effects at all and every product I’ve tried have had side effects like dizziness I decided to stick with it I do think it’s overpriced but I’m afraid to stop so I’m going to give it another 3 months .

  47. Peachy

    Awesome supplement!!!

  48. Julia

    I am only a week into my second bottle. I think their might be a few tiny short hairs at my front hairline. My existing hair is pretty lifeless as it had lost elasticity & was falling out a lot. It does not seem to be falling out as much which is a plus. Wondered is it might too soon to tell.

  49. Eloise

    Try it! You will fully convinced with the result as I did!!!

  50. Tania

    El mejor producto para el pelo, lo recomiendo al 100%

  51. Anonymous

    Get what you wish for your hair and that’s what this supplement does!!!

  52. Zaira

    I absolutely like this supplement! I tried before many others but didn’t work for me so well, but this did amaze me. My recommendation!!!

  53. Marcia ciulia

    J’ai des cheveux clairsemés, super fins et cassants à cause de mes hormones et mon médecin m’a conseiller d’essayer des vitamines naturelles avant de me prescrire une solution médicale. Je suis à ma troisième bouteille et je vois une petite amélioration mais c’est tout de même assez encourageant et mes ongles semblent pousser plus vite. Mon médecin m’a dit qu’il fallait généralement quelques mois pour voir une grosse différence, donc j’espère une plus grande différence d’ici quelques semaines suppléméntaires de traitement.

  54. Isabelle Mélanchon

    Ils sont étonnants!!!!! Mais soyez patient, il faut quelques mois pour voir de grands progrès !!!!!
    J’ai commencé en Septembre 2019 et après une période de doute sans doute par manque de patience et consistence, j’ai commencé a voir une réelle différence lorsque je comparais les photos prises régulièrement tout au long du processus. La différence n’etait pas flagrante à l’oeil nu mais en comparant bien la densité de mes cheveux avec des photos prises 3 mois auparavant, j’ai été agréablement surprise. Maintenant, je commence mon 6ème mois de traitement, et je n’ai plus besoin de comparer les photos, en passant ma main dans mes cheveux je peux sentir la différence, clairement!!!

  55. Marie-Louise Gerard

    Excellent!!!Je prends Kerahealth depuis plus 5 mois et j’aime vraiment ça! J’ai l’impression de voir beaucoup plus de poils de bébé autour de mes tempes / de mes cheveux depuis que je les ai pris. Ils m’ont en fait envoyé leur nouveau shampooing et revitalisant pour essayer aussi, mais je ne l’ai pas encore utilisé. Les vitamines ne sont pas magiques ou quoi que ce soit, mais je peux voir une différence et les ingrédients semblent bons pour le bien-être général.

  56. Amira

    Nice product!!!

  57. Irene

    My hair is thinning, I tried this product for almost 2 months now, i haven’t seen any hair growth yet but feel my hair get stronger. I’ll keep taking it for another months to experience the full results

  58. Maria Teresa

    Llevo tomando este producto 3 meses y estoy encantada. Solo una peticion, que pongan los gastos de envio gratis para los subscriptores!

  59. Pepa

    Despues de probar muchos productos he de decir que Kerahealth realmente funciona, estoy encantada!

  60. Ana

    Probe estas pastillas porque las vi en un video en youtube, despues del primer mes notaba resultados pero no tantos como esperaba, despues de como 6 semanas mi pelo empezo a crecer mucho, la perdida se redujo y ahora puedo ver realmente que habra como la mitad de pelos en mi cepillo, lo recomiendo 100%!

  61. Victoria

    My hair is much longer and fuller. I will continue using this but I wish it was not so expensive.

  62. Hannah

    Great hair! Best product!

  63. Savannah

    This supplement really saves my hair!!!

  64. Teri

    My hair shedding slowdown. I will continue taking it for another month to get the expected result.

  65. Nadia

    Stronger hair and no more clog drain!

  66. Laila

    Worth it!!!

  67. Debbie

    Hair shedding totally stop and have seen new hair growth!!!

  68. Nelly

    I have almost finish my 2nd month treatment, so far i haven’t feel much difference but i feels my hair is a bit softer and shinier.

  69. Anne

    I love this product but due to finances issue I need to take a break at the moment.

  70. A

    I think my shedding has slowed down. I will continue using for another month just to see.

  71. Joyce

    So happy with my results!!!

  72. Amanda

    If you want a healthier hair, KeraHealth is the answer!!!

  73. Jane

    Thank u Kerahealth for saving my hair!

  74. Candy

    Healthy, strong hair and nails!!

  75. Lauren

    I am almost on the end of my first month and feel some changes on my hair issues. I know it takes time as we are talking about hair. I am just wish to make it fast as possible

  76. Mich

    Hair loss, shedding & thinning, KeraHealth is all you need!!!

  77. Bianca

    KeraHealth is totally worth the money,

  78. Brenda

    Taking KeraHealth for past three weeks and I notice a difference already in the texture of my hair!!!

  79. Eve

    Almost completing the first bottle and hair feels thicker and better!

  80. Marie

    I am not shedding hair like I used to

  81. Miles

    Fabulous product and service!!

  82. Meredith

    Not only does my hair feel stronger, softer and healthier. My nails feel stronger and healthier too!!

  83. Camille

    I notice a difference already in the texture of my hair!! My hair texture is full, looking brighter and softer in just 4 weeks!!!

  84. Emma

    It works but I suggest not to take it with other kind of supplements.

  85. Linda

    I am almost completing my first bottle so far still have some hair loss but It did not bother my stomach and I did not have any bad reaction to it, so that was good.

  86. Kate

    The best hair loss supplement I ever tried!!!

  87. Ellen

    Amazing hair supplement and easy to take! Perfect for blondes!!

  88. Lena

    After I gave birth on my first baby, I started to lose my hair. One of my friends recommend KeraHealth supplement. she used it and got an amazing result. On my first 2 weeks of taking it looks like I lose less hair as I used too. I can’t tell more if it is really helping and if it will help to regrow, well see what this supplement will do probably after 1-2 months of taking it

  89. Sarah

    Seeing less hair fall and some more baby hairs!

  90. Rhea (Canada)

    Product is great but need to improve the shipping method!

  91. Amber

    Efficient and no side effects!

  92. Jen

    I’m a walking proof that this bottle works! I need to replenish! You guys now have a loyal customer! I love this product so much!

  93. Liz

    My issue is not “ shedding” it is thinning hair. Still too early to tell if new hair growth is occuring.

  94. Lily

    I love this product so much!

  95. Nathalie

    seems it working! less hair loss for a month, hoping it’s helping to regrow and add more volume on my hair when i continue taking it for a couple of months

  96. Ellen

    Pricey but worth it!

  97. Claire

    I am surprise that only after 3 weeks I could see the difference.
    My hair is thicker and looks shinier.

  98. Sam

    I am seeing less hair fall and some more baby hairs!

  99. Nicole

    My hair texture is full, looking brighter and feeling softer!

  100. Val

    My hair seems in better condition but I haven’t seen any hair growth yet. Anyway I’m just on 7th weeks.

  101. Dorothy

    Definitely worth the purchase!

  102. Brooklyn

    My hair, skin, and nails are all in better shape.

  103. Ysabelle

    My hair had been shedding excessively. Within two months of taking this product the excessive shedding has stopped. I’ve tried MANY other hair supplements…..this actually works!

  104. Aubrey

    Too early to say as I am on my 10 days taking this supplement still notice some hair falls but not as used to… hopefully it will really helps

  105. Sophia

    It’s works but expensive!

  106. Olivia

    so excited to receive my order, what just frustrating is they are not shipping it over the weekend!!!

  107. Maddy

    Love this product ❤️❤️❤️

  108. Annie

    Literally it changed my life! Super happy with the results so far (3 months)

  109. Nora

    My hair was literally falling out in clumps after I stopped breastfeeding, I know this is hormonal but Kerahealth helped my hair grow back quickly, I could see new hair sprouts after about 6 weeks of taking the treatment.

  110. Rachel

    Not only is my hair fuller and more shiny, my nails are strong and my skin is looking amazing!

  111. Tara

    Good product.

  112. Chloe

    Losing your hair as a woman is quite traumatising, I was just so relieved to finally find a product that is easy to use and offers great results.

  113. Katy

    I have had a hairloss problem basically since i turned 40, my hair feels like its in its twenties again!

  114. Julie

    I chose Kerahealth because its drug free and suitable for vegan- but whoa, i didn’t expect such great results, everybody is asking what i did to my hair!

  115. Susan

    I started my treatment just before leaving for summer- when I came back after 2 and a half months all my friends were complementing me on my hair, asking what I had taken!!

  116. Cameron

    Well worth doing the 3 month treatment, i highly recommend it, especially if you are suffering from thinning hair.

  117. Trisha

    Great product, simple to follow the course, no side effects. My hair looks way healthier.

  118. Sally

    Amazing results, my hair has never looked so good.

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Puede ayudar a aumentar y revitalizar la queratina natural que su cuerpo pierde con el tiempo debido a la edad y al estrés ambiental. * Los aminoácidos esenciales en KerCysteine®, nuestra fórmula exclusiva, coinciden con los que se encuentran en su cabello, y esto ayuda a regenerar y renovar su salud.

Antioxidantes Clave

El antioxidante SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) se deriva de fuentes naturales y se recubre mediante un proceso patentado para garantizar su paso al cuerpo. La SOD es una metaloproteinasa esencial que actúa como la primera línea de defensa del cuerpo humano.

El extracto de corteza de pino marítimo francés con sus polifenoles y procianidinas, proporciona otro antioxidante potente que ayuda a proteger contra los radicales libres y al sistema inmunológico. *


  • Reducir la caída del cabello
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  • Pelo más fuerte


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18 Aminoácidos Esenciales

3 Ingredientes Patentados

7 Vitaminas y minerales


KerCysteine proporciona al cuerpo todos los 18 aminoácidos necesarios para retener y estimular el crecimiento de los folículos capilares al tiempo que mejora la fuerza y el brillo del cabello. El 100% de los participantes vio un aumento en Anagen (etapa de crecimiento del cabello) después de 3 meses. El 92% de los participantes experimentaron menos pérdida de cabello solo después de 1 mes. El 96% de los participantes observaron una mejora en el brillo del cabello después de 3 meses.


Nuestro suplemento está diseñado para estimular el crecimiento y reducir la pérdida de cabello. Fomenta la producción natural de queratina en tu cuerpo y mejora el brillo y la fuerza del pelo.

No, KeraHeath no contiene gluten ni lactosa. Si es alérgico o intolerante al gluten o la lactosa, puede tomar KeraHealth.

Si. A diferencia de otros suplementos a base de queratina, estos ingredientes no se obtienen de mariscos o pescados, sino de fibra de lana de oveja de Nueva Zelanda.

No. NO contiene soja, huevos, lácteos, gluten, leche, panchitos, mariscos, nueces, trigo, levadura, sabores artificiales ni colorantes artificiales. Si tiene alergias graves, lea cuidadosamente la lista de ingredientes y consulte a su médico. Suspenda su uso si experimenta algún efecto adverso.

No. KeraHealth no contiene organismos genéticamente modificados.

Si. KeraHealth es natural y 100% libre de químicos. Sin embargo, consulte a su médico si tiene alguna condición especial o si ya está tomando medicamentos recetados.

No. KeraHealth no contiene organismos genéticamente modificados.

No. Puede dejar de tomar KeraHealth en cualquier momento, no experimentará ningún efecto secundario.

Fay, the Co-Founder of KeraHeath

Sobre KeraHealth

Todos los productos que formulamos están libres de drogas, transgénicos, grasas trans, lactosa, gluten, lácteos, estearatos y siempre están libres de crueldad, elaborados con ingredientes franceses.

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